A new adventure in Lagos, Algarve that you don’t want to forget!

Our escape room is an original and it’s designed to entertain you for 60 minutes providing great moments of fun with challenging riddles and puzzles. You will need to think outside the box for this one! Perfect team experience. Find a group of friends or family (2 to 5 persons) put your mustache on and become a detective! For this group activity, you will not only need to escape in time but you will also have the opportunity to score up to 100 points!

Do you accept this job? 

Yes? Let’s go on then:

“There is a major contraband transaction happening in the nearby city and all the mobsters left, as detective agents you will take this lifetime opportunity to investigate the unguarded Mafia Safehouse! You have 60 minutes to get information about our missing agent, find their safe, collect evidences and get out in time before the mobsters return. Be careful not to sound the alarms!!!

Come show us your detective skills, score the maximum points and get out alive!"