The Exorcism is a horror escape room and you can play it in Algarve, you just need to book a slot!

This game in an original and was designed to entertain you for 60 minutes. Providing you unforgettable moments full of joy and adrenaline while you discover the mysteries of a house where no one knows exactly what happened!

To be able to leave this place alive you'll have to find an united and brave team to play with.

This is the story:

– What happened to that family?
– I don’t know
– Me neither!
In a village with very few inhabitants, where almost everyone is religious. It is said that no one has been seen entering or leaving the Clarksons house for a long time! Too long to believe everything is ok…There is a rumor that they left the house without saying anything to anyone, while others believe the family is still in there! Some say, at night, scary noises can be heard, that a mere human being would not be able to reproduce."

It's up to you to discover what happened to the family, and end this mystery, once and for all!


Holy Trap